Dance is a non-verbal language that is based on intuition. When we fall back into our heads and try to dance with the conscious part of our mind - planning and choreographing the dance - we become stuck. Our stuck-ness is a result of the stories, habits and beliefs we have about ourselves. In amongst these could be a story about dance. There are other stories about body or music or spirit that also put limitations. However if we let the dance evolve and emerge out of the movement of the body intuitively we start to connect with unseen forces and part of ourselves that are not controlled by our individual minds or will. We move beyond patterns of habituation and start to access the wisdom that lies beneath.

Dancing intuitively is without rational comprehension as it is a profound act of creation. Through the dance we create new forms of language. The process is not one of doing but one of being in the dance. The dance emerges the more we are willing to let go our mind and the control of the dance. When this dance emerges we a are able to enter space inside our being that we are not conscious of in our everyday existence. Through intuition we are able to find clarity, healing and growth.

"If you want to cultivate an authentic spiritual life choose the doors marked ‘I don't know. Another word for ‘I don’t know’ is ‘mystery."

Mystery is a non-linear world which is neither a place or connected to time. It is an expanded relationship to time and space beyond mental comprehension. We feel into this mystery and find a world within ourselves that is timeless. Past and future merge into the now and we find ourselves with greater perspective able to find mental clarity and insight.

en~trance is an invitation to a dance journey that explores the mystery that is our universe.