Neural plasticity is a central theme in modern neurobiology, it allows the permanent renovation of the nervous system. Some motor and behavioural functions which have been adversely affected by accident can be rehabilitated by the formation of alternative pathways that substitute for those who have been destroyed.  One of the theories is that the influence of an enriched environment can impact neurogenesis.  
In Biodanza, we use the concept of "positive eco-factors" as categories specifically to enrich the environment.  These are related to the Biodanza class which is supported by music, the group and vivencias which create vitality, homeostasis, pleasure, joy, creativity and an expansion of consciousness through transcendence.

Each dance within this environment becomes an opportunity for extending and creating new neurological pathways.  We do this by modelling alternative possibilities to the dance.  If we were to merely verbalise an instruction then people would stick to what they know, in other words, their habitual neurological pathways.  However by demonstrating different ways of expressing the dance the Biodanza facilitator encourages the participants to try something new or different.  Through this process of creative expression, old habits are eroded and at the level of the brain we are transformed.  We cannot dance and not feel changed!