Our whole story is written in the cells of our body - an integral part of our human experience.  Everything we learn from the day we are born is through movement.  As an infant when we reach out for food and are rewarded that movement pattern is re-enforced mapping out neural patterns in our growing brains.  This is based on our survival instinct as we need to learn quickly what works for us.  Our ancestors for example did not have the luxury of contemplation when confronted by wild animals.  As an infant we learn to retract and retreat from danger – we run! 

And so, we create our interaction with the world through movement – not just reaching out a hand but our whole body.  Witness the infants using their entire body to move.  Our experience of life is through movement in space.  Foremost we are physical beings and we connect with the world around us through our senses and movement creating meaning and building up our identity.


Eventually our movements set into habitual patterns and our experience of life become held within that framework.  If we do things the same way every time, we will have the same experience.  This can be limiting as often people stay with that which is comfortable.  To expand, create and amplify life we can explore new movement patterns – using the creative power of dance to recreate and form new ways of being.  Research has shown that creative dance movements set up new neural patterns in the brain.  This leads to new and alternative ways of being and experiencing life.  In other words dancing in creative new ways can transform our identity and the way we relate to life.

Christos Daskalakos