“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.”

-       Confucius

Have you noticed that even the most reserved person who is the proverbial wall flower is still fascinated and interested in dance – at least to watch if not participate.  That is because dance is a primal impulse not only to express ourselves but to also experience our very existence.  Kinaesthetic awareness is the natural way in which we learn about ourselves and the world.  This is also the doorway to better mental and physical health.  And what could be more kinaesthetic than dance accompanied by wonderful music?

Biodanza is always practiced in a group so we could say that at least once a week we spend time with friends with benefits – that is the benefits of better health!  Generally dancing can help us lose weight, stay flexible and reduce stress.  Biodanza with its unique methodology adds to these physical benefits the mental health that comes from integrating our identity, connecting with realness to others and changing our endogenous mood to one of joy.

Dancing contributes to the sustained combination of these benefits which means that we build a stronger immune system contributing to better physical health.  In addition when we are fully in the dance we experience the advantages of feeling positive and good about ourselves.  This means that we access our creativity easier, form more meaningful relationships and develop personal skills such as self efficacy, autonomy and emotional balance.  Who would have thought that dancing with your friends once a week could do all that!


……………..By Christos Daskalakos