“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create

and be greater than our suffering.”

-      Ben Okri

Beyond words and thoughts our bodies and movements reveal our feelings and emotions residing in the subconscious.  Theses influence our behaviour and shape our life both positively and negatively.  When we are not aware we are at their mercy leading us to experience life as a victim of circumstance.  Dancing can change that as it gives us a way to access and interact with our subconscious integrating the totality of mind into our life. 

We need both; conscious mind is our rational side which operates in the world of language and ideas while the subconscious mind is the place where implicit memory is stored.  Unconscious memories that shape our beliefs, generate our automatic emotional reactions and generally seem to have an unseen power over our life.  When we make the invisible visible, the unconscious conscious we raise our awareness and are empowered to shape our life with more purpose.

Biodanza which is not just free dance uses mechanisms which allow us to access and integrate more fully.  There are two ways specifically in which Biodanza does this.  Firstly there are dance which draw on archetypes making universal patterns and emotions more explicit thus allowing us to connect with those that resonate in us.  And secondly, the concept of protovivencia is dances that allow us to regress to a state of infancy where we connect with the primal and genetic patterns of life allowing us to connect with our instincts.  This unfolding creates greater awareness and expanded consciousness which leads to feelings of authenticity as we are more present – usually in the dance!


……………..By Christos Daskalakos