The power of dance to balance and harmonise

“The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.”

 - Mata Hari

Bodies can show feelings and communicate in a way that is different from words.  At this level of communication the body does not tell – it does, in the act of becoming and being that message.  We are able to embody our movement and communicate with others through the dance.  And, we are able to communicate with ourselves the messages that are not cognitive but exist deep in our psyche.  For this we need to slow down sometimes.

Fluidity dances in Biodanza give us this opportunity.  They are continuous movements that develop as waves of constant instinctive transformation of the body.  We don’t strike positions nor do we create repetitive movements.  The aim is to bring together an integration of our sensations of movement with a deeper experience of self.  Fluidity is a movement that does not stop before an obstacle; it adapts and flows around keeping the continuum.  This endless motion and sensation usually slowed down for greater impact, is a search for a dynamic balancing and a pulsating harmony.

When we slow down and allow our instinct to harmonise the dance we connect with our feelings and emotions in a non-verbal way.  The invitation is to feel, embody, experience – without the need to rationalise or interpret.  The beauty of the dance is that lets us enter the state of being – not the state of description which we are so good at doing when we speak about life and not live it.  Thus we can enter a life of harmony and balance.


~ Christos Daskalakos