Balancing Act

Dancing our way to Harmony

By Christos Daskalakos

 “I do not live within my body, my body lives within me.”

Many talk about dance connecting body and mind.  The truth is that they never were separated, it’s just that we are not always aware of the impact the one has on the other.  Our moods are often determined by the state of our body, and what we think can influence the way our body interacts with the world around us.  Dance gives us the opportunity to become aware of this connection and so integrate body and mind – finding harmony.

Biodanza through its carefully designed methodology creates classes that have as one of their aims to bring harmony to both our body and mind through carefully balancing and stimulating a full range of experience.  Stress for example in our lives is often experienced at one extreme – highly active and intense as we strive to cope with everyday life.  No stress on the other hand would lead to a meltdown where nothing ever gets done.  A balance which is the right kind and right amount of stress allows us to operate effectively in the world. 

The class structure in Biodanza permits the dancers to experience both active and deactivated states and bring both body and mind into finding a balance.  The activation dances in Biodanza physiologically stimulate the sympathetic nervous system while psychologically these states of vitality are experienced with positive emotions of euphoria, joy and well-being.  But the class also includes those dances which stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to connect with restful moments where psychological states of regression, connection and harmony are experienced.

A carefully crafted Biodanza class will allow us to dance our way to harmony effortlessly and with fun.