aqua~moves works by inducing states of deep relaxation and harmonisation in an aquatic environment. The pool is heated to body temperature and the movement and sounds stimulate moments of pleasure - which give a sense of a cosmic merger with life, generating states of fulfilment and organic renewal at a physical and existential level.

Mind body and soul integration takes place as the experience in the water as the music and movement stimulate and promote enjoyment, both physically and psychologically. Physically states of deep relaxation and equilibrium are created that balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system creating harmony. Psychologically the journeys in the water create sensitive self-awareness which expands into a state of 'oceanic experiences' as we relax and let go.

physical benefits of aqua~moves

  • eases stress on the muscles and skeletal systems through feelings of weightlessness
  • extends range of movement
  • induces cellular repair
  • integrates organic systems
  • optimises regulatory systems
  • harmonises the body

psychological benefits of aqua~moves

  • produces feelings of ecstasy
  • promotes feelings of freedom and movement
  • contributes to emotional expression
  • reduces stress
  • awakens heightened state of awareness
  • induces feelings of pleasure and joy

existential benefits of aqua~moves

  • generates positive attitudes
  • develops profound changes to perception of life
  • deepens perception of self and others
  • improves communication and relationships
  • alters states of consciousness
  • induces 'oceanic' experiences

philosophical basis

moves aims to create states of profound awakening via altered states of heightened awareness. Experiencing this in the warm safe environment of water we access insight, body-wisdom and healing. Although the experiences are of a regressive nature the intention is not to lose oneself as if going into sleep or dreamtime but rather to enter into a profound awakening. One where our strongest feelings are stirred and safely allowed to be experienced at a deep level. The aim is to connect to these feelings and powerful emotions with a inner awareness so that we can work to heal and expand our connection with life.